About Us

Nexus Solutions, LLC is an information technology company that specializes in the sale, installation and implementation of equipment, hardware and software systems for manufacturers. The company’s main focus is on process manufacturers in the plastics, automotive, medical and assembly areas. Nexus Solutions integrates the correct hardware and software in order to dramatically improve operational efficiencies and profit performance.

The company was founded in 2006. Today, Nexus Solutions is a certified IQMS partner, offering its customers hardware, IQMS implementation services, and monthly maintenance via help desk support and a ticketing system for fast response. Simply put, Nexus Solutions can implement IQMS faster, better and less expensively than anyone else.

Our Founders

John Weaver photo

John Weaver

Nexus Solutions President John Weaver brings a wealth of experience to every client he serves. A
graduate of Malone College, John has several Cisco, Microsoft and VMWare certifications to complement his degree in business administration. John is a veteran, having spent four years of active duty in the U.S. Army and four years in the national guard.

John has more than seven years experience in North American IQMS installations, each one of which presented its own set of challenges and opportunities. This depth of experience helps him level out the learning curve and make the implementation of IQMS go as smoothly as possible.

What’s more, Nexus Solutions can put in all the networking support and hardware needed to help its clients maximize the return on their investment.


Scott Arnopolin

Scott Arnopolin

Scott Arnopolin is the Director of Systems Implementation at Nexus Solutions. Scott is a graduate of the University of Missouri where he studied design. His first job was doing tech support for a computer company out of Chicago, and technology quickly found its way into his bloodstream. In the course of his career, Scott has done technical consulting for KPMG, and beginning in 2004, he helped run Network Polymers. Here is where he learned the plastics industry, specializing in IT and supply chain management.

Scott has been deeply involved with IQMS since 2011. His 10 years of experience in the plastics industry, substantial IQMS implementation experience and acute business sense helps him find ways for his clients to save money. Scott clears a path to smooth installation regardless of how many modules of IQMS you’re installing.